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Gaming with Grandkids
Playing basketball on the new XBox! Two decades ago, I enjoyed a variety of games. But when I retired from the military in 2011, I also left behind the gaming to dedicate my time to college and seminary. After thirteen years of study and earning two master's degrees...
Defining an Trauma-Informed Care Ministry
I like the term trauma-informed care when describing a local church ministry that seeks to care for those struggling with posttraumatic stress. But what does being trauma-informed mean in a local church setting? A clinical definition of being trauma-informed often...
Macks and Mackalls
I am no fashion critic, but I do like quality gear. And while there are many labels out there promoting belts and shoes for men, let me share my opinion of two companies that produce exceptional gear: Mack Belts and Go Ruck. First is Mack Belts. Just everyone else, I...
Informed Trauma Care and Ministry
Within some circles of ministry there is a debate between trauma-informed care and trusting in the sufficiency of Scripture. Personally, as a Christian educator who holds a position of Scriptural Primacy, I believe this debate to be a false equivalence. Let me unpack...
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