I am no fashion critic, but I do like quality gear. And while there are many labels out there promoting belts and shoes for men, let me share my opinion of two companies that produce exceptional gear: Mack Belts and Go Ruck.

First is Mack Belts. Just everyone else, I like a quality belts but some belts do not perform as well as their label. Rather it is the label that gains the sale, especially outdoor belts. It can be frustrating when shopping for something so simple as a belt. My criteria is not even that demanding as it should look great and be durable. Simple. But I have been disappointed time and time again as what appears to be a promising purchase that turns out to be a waste of money.

And then the advertisement by Mack Belts catches my attention.

Like any good shopper, I read reviews, check the backstory, and meticulously examine the website. As a retired Green Beret, I like Mack’s story. Plus I know other military who purchased a Mack Belt and are fully satisfied. Therefore, after reviewing the different belts by stitching, color, and option between a traditional or metal belt loop, I ordered my first Mack Belt. I love it! The belt is and continues to be all that others have commented about them and more. Mack Belts look great and are very durable. Plus it stays rolled up ready to go on my nightstand when traveling overseas.

I now own three Mack Belts and recently purchased a Mack Belt for each son-in-law for Christmas.

Next is Go Ruck and the Mackall All Terrain Rucking Shoes. I have struggled and struggled to find a quality pair of walking shoes even among the top brand names. Every purchase has been a failure and only adds to the frustration in finding a quality shoe.

After twenty years of service in the Army Infantry and Special Forces, my feet are not the same. It is very challenging to find a good walking shoe that does not cause further pain, discomfort, or fatigue after a few hours. Then comes the recommendation to wear inserts that always end up being a waste of money too. Even with custom fitted inserts for my feet, it does not go well. So I generally stick to wearing my cowboy boots. They have a hard flat sole, good looking in jeans or a suit, and can order them with vibram soles for traction. My boots have never caused my feet pain, discomfort, or become fatigued ever if I am on my feet all day.

After buying a GR2 Travel Rucksack from Go Ruck, I began to look at their footwear. The reason is because of the exceptional quality of their GR2 travel ruck as I use it for traveling overseas and for my work outdoors. If the ruck is this good, the footwear has to be the same. Bottom line up front – they are!

After reading about Go Ruck’s footwear, I elected to buy the Mackall and I am not disappointed. The Mackall is built on a boot platform, has a wide toe box, breathable material, and looks great! My feet are not fatigued after wearing the Mackall’s all day nor do they cause any discomfort or pain. The boot platform is very comfortable and no extra insert is needed. The wider toe box is fantastic allowing room for my toes while the heel lock keeps them stable. The breathable material is light but surprisingly kept my feet warm while walking in the snow covered sidewalks of Lviv, Ukraine. I was so impressed with the black pair of Mackall rucking shoes that I bought another pair in Glacier + Ignition Orange. My wife likes this pair better!

Quality is king and not the brand name for me. But look at who are leading both of these companies: a Navy SEAL and a Green Beret. Two men of our special operations community that understand the importance of quality gear. As a retired Green Beret, I still look for quality gear for living and serving. Their brand is not only cool, but they give back. And most importantly, these two companies, Mack Belts and Go Ruck, produce exceptional gear for those who expect and demand quality.

Check them both out as you will not be disappointed with their gear.

All the best!

The Kenai Belt with the traditional leather belt loop
The Freedom Belt in Midnight Black with the metal D-Ring

The Mackalls