A couple reflections about my recent visit to Ukraine. 

Although I arrived in Lviv to lead discussions on combat traumatic stress and discipleship at the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary Institute for Leadership Management and Coaching, I was personally blessed in meeting and listening to those attending these sessions.

During my stay, I had the privilege to meet many others from around the world that were there providing humanitarian aid and support to the people of Ukraine despite the constant threat by Russia. While in Lviv, there were two air warnings as sirens alerted everyone to take shelter.

Everyone attending the training were passionate to learn how combat traumatic stress impacts the mind, body, soul, and relationships from a Christian worldview. Their focus to learn displayed incredible strength and resiliency of the Ukrainian people in their desire to foster a true holistic approach in caring for warriors and families impacted by this war. Their focus to learn and be engaged in a holistic approach to care now displayed their hope for a brighter and safer country for all of Ukraine.

Words cannot express the blessing and privilege it is to be part of this team as I look forward to returning to Lviv later this year as we continue walking through the Beyond Suffering Study Guide produced by Joni and Friends. The next series of supplemental topics that I will teach will be on Christians and warfare, transforming civilians into soldiers, posttraumtic growth, and renewing identity and purpose.