My bride knows me very well!

The tea set was my Christmas gift this year as I have grown in appreciating a hot cup of Earl Grey with a slice of lemon. She began looking for a tea set while we were in Poland and went through many webpages looking for the perfect set. A set that has meaning as it is functional and fits my personality. She knows me very well.

The tea pot is handmade from volcanic rock clay and keeps the water hot long enough to enjoy two cups. The small saucer and sugar dish are also handmade.

The cups and saucers are handmade from Kyiv, Ukraine by SaGa Pottery. The spoons, also from SaGa Pottery, are equally fantastic with the same rugged look that both of us like.

Truly, incredible gifts that look great, high handmade quality, and supports Ukraine during a time of need.

Перемога в Україні!
Victory in Ukraine!

Perfect set!
SaGa Pottery
Looks great in our log cabin!